First, Congratulations!

Taking the first step towards transforming your health is a reward to be celebrated. Whether you’re ready to get started, or just exploring options, we encourage you to nurture the seed of intention and follow through on your journey to wellness. Make an effort to dedicate time to find the path that restores balance and harmony to your entire being, and congratulate yourself for putting YOU first. Enacting simple steps today and maintaining consistency, will soon reveal the best version of yourself.

Next, Why Be Healthy?

When we are healthy, we thrive. Our health and general wellbeing is the foundation on which all life’s activities are supported. When we are strong and vibrant, we have enough energy to make it through our days; our mind is able to withstand the stress of decisions and planning, and we face the merry-go-round of emotions without becoming overwhelmed. When we are not healthy, everything comes to a stop, and our body forces us to pay attention by making us rest, or take medicines. Maintaining balanced health is not something that we should leave to chance, it’s a continuous mindfulness practice with daily repetition that little by little provides deep long-lasting health.

Naturally, life’s demands are hard to keep up with, and so we take shortcuts to keep up with the ever increasing pace of commitments. It’s easy to overlook the impact of the many shortcuts we take on a daily basis. Can you remember the last time you felt deeply strong and healthy? Most of us know which shortcuts we took, whether it’s a “less than ideal” meal, or prolonged lapses of time without exercising. Our goal at 5 Phases is help you feel encouraged and motivated to “get back” to when you felt great. We aim to be your guides and fitness partners to make that journey back to radiant health pleasant and easy to achieve.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Over the years, we have worked with people of every health constitution. We deeply understand that it’s impossible to create a wellness program that is a great fit for every person. Our perspective is that you are truly unique. The variables of your life are different from everyone else’s and so your fitness program should be as unique as you are.

Find Your Element

5 Phases Approach

The 5 Phases Health program pulls from the wisdom of medicine, wellness and healing therapies from around the world. We have merged the intelligence of thousands of years of history -and experience, into a program that tailors exercises, breathing patterns and other techniques into an easy to follow, yet thoroughly effective, practice that you can do in your home health studio.

Our launching point is Five Element Theory which classifies people as Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood. This idea is similar to what you would find in Acupuncture, Qigong, Ayurveda, and other Asian Healing systems. However, we take the next step towards entire (whole) wellness by adding the essential components of physical fitness: strength training, aerobic exercise, flexibility, circulation, and consistency. Together, these perspectives create a comprehensive and thorough regimen that address health indicators that would make any physician smile with approval.