Mickey Moreno

Michael ( Mickey) Moreno
I began my practice of Qigong almost forty years ago- although for about twenty-five of those years I had no idea or concept of what Qi was! I was an occasionally zealous student of Shorin Ryu Shorinkan Karate, and to be perfectly honest just as often a disillusioned practitioner who questioned the purported teaching of avoidance of conflict at almost all cost coupled with an all too apparent  interest in developing lethal technique. I was at the height of my involvement in martial study when I was offered the opportunity to attend a pilot program at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas, for Certified Lifestyle Counselor. The certification covered nutritional, exercise, and stress management practice. I loved it. A year later, in 1995, I opened and operated The Forest River Lifestyle Center and operated as a personal and group exercise trainer,as well as, a weight management and stress management counselor for thirteen and a half years-All the while still faithful to the forms and lessons of Shorin Ryu, and my new interest Aikido. During that period the importance of physical activity, diet, and mental attitude was driven home again and again. I found myself looking for commomanalities in the particular practices that might be integrated into a simpler practice. An unintended experience with Qi ( which if You choose to study with me, I will relate) led me to the IIMQ and finally to The Rising Lotus, where I continue my studies into golden adulthood! I like to think I bring a very interesting and informed ( and relaxed) approach to contemporary Qigong. I would be honored to work with You.    – Mickey