Benefits of this Recipe:
  • Cooling energy
  • Clears mucus
  • Opens the Lungs
  • Resolve Constipation
  • Blood Mover
  • High fiber
  • High Vitamin C

Sautéed Lotus Root Just mentioning the word lotus evokes spiritual thoughts and dreams of exotic places. Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) is one of the world’s gifts that enchants with perfume, inspires with its beautiful flowers, but also nourishes with its roots. Lotus root is a pale colored starchy food with a mild flavor that blends well with seasonings. When raw, it’s crunchy, reminiscent of a cucumber or daikon radish, and can be slightly bitter or sweet. When cooked, it softens and has a neutral flavor like a potato allowing it to blend with other seasonings into a mature dish with deep umami notes. In TCM terms, raw lotus root has “cold” energy. It provides benefit by dispelling pathogenic heat. Its high fiber level, yet easy to digest properties helps to move bowels and remove blood stagnation. It’s also known to stop bleeding. Cooked lotus root is mildly “warm.” It can help benefit the digestive system, relieve diarrhea, nourish blood and perfect skin. We offer this recipe particularly to benefit the Lungs. Lotus root can dissolve and clear up mucus, ease congestion, and improve lung efficiency. It is prescribed to benefit the Liver, Lung and Stomach meridians.