We believe strongly in the power of “making good choices on a daily basis”,
and that the body, given the right environment, knows how to restore balance and harmony.

We have been making an impact on people’s lives for over 20 years providing education on health and wellness founded in the wisdom of 5 Element Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Using the wisdom of caring for the body, minding the breath and emotions and cultivating the spirit, we teach the value of leading a conscious and mindful life which naturally avoids disease. And when a diagnosis has been given, we pass along thousands of years of wisdom on how to support healing holistically.


Our mission is to help people live full and radiant lives
by connecting them to reliable and high quality information and tools regarding health & wellness.
We teach the value of leading a conscious and mindful lifestyle which naturally avoids dis-ease.
Nutrition in a Fast Paced Life

How To Find/Choose Healthy Foods By Christina J. Barea, MMQ For Modern Latina.com, July 2008 [...]

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Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Benefits of this Recipe: Nourishes Blood, Liver Organ, Wood Element. Due to high levels of [...]

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